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David Browne

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic and organizational change consultant with project and executive leadership accountabilities including strategic change, retail and consumer.

As the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of ToughLove Corp. based in Westport, CT, David is a seasoned strategic change consultant and adept leader of a private investment company. With a client roster spanning private equity portfolio companies, hedge funds, professional services organizations, retailers, and entities pursuing strategic and behavioral shifts, David brings unparalleled insights into managing complex transformations. David’s expertise extend to managing a diversified portfolio of real estate, private and public equities for a family office. Prior to this, David excelled as an Engagement Leader at Sage | Kotter, applying Professor John Kotter's renowned 8-step change process to guide a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley tech firm through transformative change. As the Founder and CEO of Synthesis Group in New York City, David pioneered tailored strategy execution and behavior change offerings for global and business unit leaders, leaving an indelible impact on organizations like Omnicom, Publix, Hitachi Data Systems, and J.P. Morgan. David’s distinguished career also includes roles with Andersen Consulting Strategic Services/ Accenture, where he played an instrumental role in enhancing strategic, operational, and organizational performance for major consumer products and retail clients worldwide. David launched his career as an Advertising Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather, earning recognition for New Business Development Excellence with accounts like Lever Brothers and Duracell.

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David Browne
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