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The Total Leader Concept is a new paradigm for 21st century leaders. As global competition heats up, change accelerates to breakneck speed and customer demands escalate, the need for effective leaders is reaching epidemic levels. The concept was developed in large measure to fill a huge void in the marketplace. As the world of business has changed and evolved, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed. For businesses to become truly empowering and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the organization. In fact, the organization of the future is an organization where everyone is a leader. It is only when people are able to lead themselves that they are actually empowered to be creative and innovative. This means leadership must be developed in every employee! This is the very foundation of our Total Leader Concept. The Total Leader Concept is based on two vital principles:

  • The first principle is that for organizations to succeed in the 21st century, they must develop leaders throughout the total organization.
  • The second principle is that for leadership development to be effective, it must utilize a complete, integrated, total leadership development process.

Too many organizations have attempted to develop leaders with a fragmented, piecemeal, hit and miss approach. They focus on one area, or one attribute, or one facet of leadership believing that is all they need. Leadership is much more complex than that. Trying to develop leaders this way is like trying to become a professional golfer by only practicing your putting. The best golfers are total golfers—they excel at driving, approach shots, sand shots, pitching, chipping and putting. They also must possess the confidence and mental strength to perform in the heat of competition. The same is true for leaders. The best leaders, Total Leaders, excel at all parts and facets of leadership. The Total Leader Concept identifies 4 broad areas that a person must master to become a Total Leader.
The Total Leader Concept is a holistic approach to Leadership and touches every possible aspect of it. Facilitated over a two-year period this process consists of four primary programs, the starting point may vary dependent on the biggest challenge that currently exists.

1. Personal Productivity
Personal productivity is the ability to manage yourself, manage your time and manage your priorities to operate at maximum effectiveness. The Effective Personal Productivity program explores the art of creating a high performance organization focusing on increasing both individual and team productivity.

2. Personal Leadership
Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself, to be a leader of your own life. Most people just let life happen to them and then suffer the consequences. Personal leaders determine the life they want, and then through planning and action make it happen. Personal leadership also means becoming a Total Person® – growing and developing in all six areas of life. The Effective Personal Leadership program enables participants to better manage their own needs as well as those of the people they manage. The program focuses on the development of strategies to increase self-confidence, crystallize thought, set direction, increase commitment, decision and action so that the individuals acquire, accomplish and become what their goals demand.

3. Motivational Leadership
Motivational leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others. A motivational leader understands that people are the source of all progress and innovation, and thus the key to success in the 21st century. A motivational leader is able to help people develop and utilize more of their full potential. The Effective Motivational Leadership program is a key component of the Total LeaderTM Concept, this program focuses on the definition of core values, visioning and communication, motivation, learning and development, empowerment, team building, change and innovation.

4. Strategic Leadership
Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization. A strategic leader is able to define and develop the purpose of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for an organization to succeed. The Effective Strategic Leadership program focuses on optimal use of resources, state of the art processes, continuous review and improvement, growth and competiveness.

As you can see, the Total Leader Concept is a thorough, comprehensive, complete, whole leadership development process. It literally develops people into Total Leaders! It’s difficult to imagine that a top leader in an organization could really be effective if they were missing one or more of these key components. Many leaders today are frustrated because they haven’t had the opportunity to develop all four areas. They feel like they are standing on the first tee of an important golf tournament and they’ve never practiced a single swing with their driver. The only thing they have ever practiced is how to putt.

That is exactly the problem with leadership development today. When all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail! The time has come for a new paradigm. A new process for developing leaders. We are very excited about the potential of our Total Leader development process. We look forward with anticipation to the day when most organizations are filled with Total Leaders! We welcome the opportunity to work throughout your organization developing total leaders…today!

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