Strategic Human Resource Development

Profile Evaluation System

The Profile Evaluation System (PES), is an effective instrument that allows companies and individuals to maximize the fit between employment demands and the abilities, aptitudes and personality constellations of employees or potential employees. When this fit is optimized there will be greater comfort and productivity on the part of employees. Employee inefficiency and turnover will be minimized and organizational productivity will be maximized. While all managers acknowledge the importance of the hiring function most also recognize the importance of developing management and leadership skills in their present employees. Information about individuals and their tendencies is also extraordinarily valuable in these contexts as well. The profile was developed with the goal of helping companies make sound employment, retention, assignment, training, and promotion decisions.

The PES is the right business tool for evaluating people. It identifies strengths and areas for development. The evaluation is extremely useful in coaching and training. It helps increase employees' effectiveness and determine training needs. It is also useful in making hiring and promotion decisions.

The PES measures job-related information in eighteen separate classifications: six mental aptitudes, ten personality dimensions plus two validity scales .

The Profile Evaluation measures
Mental Aptitudes
Mental Alertness
Business Terms
Memory Recall
Scanning Accuracy
Mechanical Interest

Personality Dimensions
Nervous Tension
Character Strength
Work Habits
Emotional Maturity

Validity Scales

This system looks for over 100 possible combinations or correlations. The relationships between the traits of the person's personality and mental aptitudes help derive these combinations.
Daily Motivation
“Success is the progressive realisation of worthwhile, predetermined personal goals.”
Articles of Interest
Practice for Success
For every champion there are hundreds of others with just as much – or more – pure talent who never rise above mediocrity.

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