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Our Group Chief Executive Officer is an official licensee of LMI for the Caribbean region. For over 40 years, LMI has been improving businesses, helping organizations develop the talents and abilities of their key employees, and increasing productivity and corporate profits. At LMI, we believe people are an organization's greatest resource. Our philosophy is based upon the premise that men and women have an unlimited potential to make of themselves and their organizations whatever they choose. With materials in 23 different languages and representatives in over 60 countries, LMI is helping organizations around the world improve their performance and increase their productivity. LMI has the people, process, and tools to help organizations of any size, anywhere, be more competitive in a global marketplace. LMI was founded by Paul J Meyer in 1966, find out more about this outstanding man.

Service Quality Institute is the global leader in customer service. The founder and president is John Tschohl. "Time" magazine calls John the "customer service guru". Tschohl founded the company in 1972 focusing on increasing the performance of the work force. In 1979, long before quality and customer service became a hot topic, John Tschohl developed the world's first customer service training program. The firm started with one program, three audiotapes, a user-friendly leader guide and a 128 page participant book. Today the Service Quality Institute has been in business for over three decades. For the last 25 years they have focused solely on helping organizations keep customers, build market share and improve the performance of the entire work force so they develop a culture of delivering superior customer service. SQI’s customer service training programs are in many versions and 11 languages. They have 22 customer service books, training programs, idea campaigns, and selection tests in Spanish. Over 60% SQI’s customer service business is international with distributors, consultants and licensees in 40 countries and are expanding rapidly in every part of the world. The company is still led by John Tschohl, find out more about this leader in the field of quality service.

During the 1990’s, upgraded customer care became an accepted marketing strategy for improving brand loyalty. Companies realized that it costs much less to retain customers than to win conquest sales. Today, billions of dollars are invested each year in a diverse array of customer care initiatives.

The founders of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC) were responsible for much of the seminal research that led to such widespread acceptance of customer care as a marketing strategy. Further research, however, has found that customer care can be a double-edged sword. Done right, it can produce a significant positive ROI. Done wrong, it can be a costly way of losing brand loyalty.

The products and services offered by CCMC are designed to provide companies with the tools to identify those programs that will produce the highest ROI:

  • Baseline surveys and tracking programs using a “full service” suite of methodologies
    • Customized on line/web-based surveys
    • Direct mail surveys
    • Telephone interview surveys
    • Focus groups/one-to-one interviews
  • Consulting assistance to CCMC clients partnered with outsourcers
    • Due diligence/selection/contract negotiations
    • Diagnostic assessment of operation/practices
    • Baseline customer satisfaction/brand loyalty surveys
    • Ongoing customer satisfaction/brand loyalty tracking programs
    • Benchmarking assessments of customer contact centers vs. best practices
  • Customized customer care training programs
  • Customized market research studies
  • Evaluation/design of Voice of the Customer programs

Launched in October 1989, HRSG earned its leadership position by developing innovative, customer-centered solutions to strategic HR issues across a wide range of government and industry. Their goal is to help organizations maximize their full potential by aligning their human resources with their strategic vision and goals. HRSG focuses on improving the quality of working life for employees, while making a positive difference to the bottom-line success of organizations.
HRSG is committed to providing services and products precisely tailored to meet client needs using the most advanced knowledge, tools and techniques in the field of human resource and talent management.Their latest innovation, i-SkillSuite® is a Software as a Service (SAAS) offering as well as a web-based Enterprise solution that was developed from their store of knowledge obtained from more than 20 years experience in the field of competency-based talent management.

The Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) teamhas a single focus - improving performance. CRG has been driving better management and performance through innovative solutions, to organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, around the world since 1989. CRG is renowned for its expertise and experience in: strategy design and execution; value creation; executive compensation; and costing and profitability analytics. They design all-encompassing enterprise-level dashboards; business intelligence solutions; shared services strategies; and employee performance management programs. CRG implementations also leverage their own solutions – FlexABM, Cost Allocator, Shared Services Manager, and emPerform – all deliver the best value for money in their class.

CRG also pride themselves on being go-to Microsoft experts for business solutions. They use Microsoft technologies to help companies improve financial and operational performance and increase efficiency: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SharePoint, PerformancePoint Services, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite of products.

CRG also have world-class software development capabilities and have developed many customized solutions to our clients. They are very proud of their software development centre, located in India. CRG customize business applications to help their clients become world class performers; their over 3,000 satisfied clients are a testament to CRG’s skill as software developers.

HDP Group Inc. is a Canadian-owned management consulting firm based in Ottawa, that provides high quality professional services to public sector managers, departments and agencies. Their extensive experience and expertise has been developed through many years of resolving the types of management and change issues faced by public sector managers today. HDP believes that if the fundamentals of the organization are properly managed, impressive results can be achieved. They have first-hand experience dealing with the challenges of public sector management and have helped management team’s work through the challenges of building, improving and decommissioning programs and organizations.HDP’s consultants are specialists in public sector management who have helped clients set up new organizations and programs, improve and realign current capabilities, and map out future demands and requirements.

Based in Tennessee, USA,  Action Knowledge LLC is a major designer,publisher and deliverer of assessment solutions, offering a customized range of secure and streamlined web-based 360 degree feedback systems for leaders to easily collect performance related feedback from multiple sources, such as supervisor, colleagues and direct reports.

Mike George is a UK based Author, Management Tutor, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Facilitator. During the last 25 years more than 250,000 people in 46 countries have attended over 1500 of Mikes retreats, seminars and workshops.  With a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – emotional/spiritual intelligence, management/leadership development and continuous learning.  Mike is a best selling author of 8 books now in 15 languages including :-

The 7 AHA!s of Highly Enlightened Souls
How to Free YOUR Self from ALL Forms of Stress
In the Light of Meditation
A guide to meditation and spiritual development
Don’t Get MAD Get Wise
Why no one ever makes you angry… ever!
The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually!
The Journey from Your Head to the Heart of Your Soul
Learn to Relax
Ease tension, conquer stress and free the self
Learn to Find Inner Peace
Discover the true self, manage anxieties and emotions,
think well feel well
1001 Ways to Relax
Beat stress and find perfect calm, anywhere, anytime
1001 Meditations
Discover peace of mind

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