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Organisation Design

At the core of our organisational design work lays the STAR Model framework developed by Jay Galbraith. The STAR Model is the basis for best practice in designing organizations that effectively facilitate strategy execution. This approach involves:-
  • Ensuring the implementation of organisational strategy;
  • Determining the work processes that are required to implement the strategy;
  • Finding the optimum ways to execute these work processes and select the best organization structure to do so;
  • Determine the best “People” architecture to fuel the organization structure;
  • Determine the Management Processes (e.g. decision-making authorities, lateral integrative mechanisms, communications, control processes) that best manage the people and the organization structure to do the work;
  • Determine the “Rewards” Architecture (e.g. personal performance management, compensation policies and recognition policies) that attract, retain and engage the required people.

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“Success is the progressive realisation of worthwhile, predetermined personal goals.”
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For every champion there are hundreds of others with just as much – or more – pure talent who never rise above mediocrity.

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